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Smile Makeover is any one, some, or all of the procedures described in our Cosmetic Enhancements page including everything from simple whitening and repairing, to straightening or replacing teeth. In most cases, just the repairing of a few teeth and whitening make all the difference in the world. 

Even the most uneven smiles can be straightened without the need for unsightly, uncomfortable and time-consuming metal braces. Many procedures can be accomplished in one to three simple visits. It is an individual’s personal choice to say whether they have received a Smile Makeover or not. 

I would define a Smile Makeover as any cosmetic procedure or procedures which complete the enhancement or the outward appearance of one’s teeth and smile.

An Extreme Smile Makeover would be a smile that may appear to be an impossible case to fix. These smiles usually contain extremely crooked, chipped, broken, misaligned and discolored teeth. Several teeth may even be missing. With today’s dental technology, even these smiles can be enhanced in just a few visits!


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