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Periodontal Antimicrobial Therapy
Gum disease is known in dentistry as the “silent killer of teeth”. Nearly 3 out of 4 adults in the continental United States suffers from periodontal disease, without any knowledge of the destruction. Often referred to as “silent” because there is seldom any pain or discomfort, this disease process is destructive enough to alter the quality of life as age progresses by infecting the teeth and surrounding tissues. As seen in the news, newly found research has linked periodontal disease to cardiovascular (heart) disease. Now more than ever, this disease process is making its presence known and felt.
By using medicaments and chemical ablation, we are able to eliminate the offending bacteria that cause the rapid destruction of bone and gum tissue. Through the use of conservative, micro sonic antimicrobial periodontal therapy, our hygienists can interrupt the bacterial destruction by eliminating the diseased tissue and bacteria present in the gum pocket. By disinfecting the gum pocket and giving it a chance to heal through repeated and systematic use of periodontal therapy, the early to moderate stages of periodontal disease can be stopped and controlled in a comfortable, conservative manner.

Gum-line Laser Recontouring
Aesthetic dentistry is taking so much more into consideration than just teeth. Through the use of laser technology, we have the capability to modify, and re-sculpt the surrounding gum tissue. Symmetry is as important with gum tissue as it is with teeth. The aesthetic difference of laser re-contouring is the difference in a good looking smile enhancement and a great smile enhancement. Tissue modification is performed in the office during the restorative procedure, and is both predictable and fast in regards to healing.

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