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The first thing to understanding your dental insurance, is that it was never intended to be used the way it is today.

Insurance was originated to help pay for catastrophic events. Unlike a serious illness or your house being destroyed, dental disease is not rare nor is it catastrophic.

Your dental insurance really was created as a tax benefit and should be considered as a "dental benefit plan." Since the 1970's the maximum yearly benefit had a cap of $1,000.00. Now, 35 years later, most insurance plans still carry this same cap!

In order for your insurance company to survive and make money for their stockholders, some must limit and restrict who you see, how often you see them, and pay only for the least expensive treatment alternative.

We will be happy to file your insurance to help your maximize your benefits.  We file all insurances, however we are not in network with all companies.   In the instance when a co-payment is required, we can only estimate what your insurance is expected to pay.  It is not a guarantee of payment and there may be a further charge to the patient.  We accept Cash, Personal checks, MasterCard, and Visa.  Because most insurance plans have not increased their yearly maximums and they continue to reduce covered benefits, we can provide you with another payment choice.

  • We provide instant approval applications for Care Credit and Citi-Health care card in our office, or you can visit them online to apply for instant approval.
  • It takes minutes to apply
  • Can be used for ongoing care even for family members
    If fees are in excess of $300.00 you may qualify for 6 month payment plans with no interest!
  • Extended payment plans are also available
  • Convenient fixed, monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No money down and more time to pay
  • No upfront or annual fees
  • Start your dental treatment faster

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